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Technology Recruitment Specialists - Nine Dots Digital
Technology Recruitment Specialists - Hire Top Technology Talent

Landing top talent is one of today’s highest priorities for almost any business – especially startups and growth stage companies looking to nail that next stage of development. They understand the proven value and long-term return on investment of partnering with a technology search firm to attract “A-List” talent for key high-impact roles.

Automated talent search options – including software, social networks, and those infinite job boards – can be helpful for commodity hires. But commodity type search techniques attract commodity candidates. Only a well-planned search and talent approach proven to work in today’s marketplace can uncover the best candidates and bring them down the path to accepting your offer.

Our market expertise and the deep knowledge we acquire of our clients’ businesses means we can interrogate a client brief until we know it backwards, and speak to candidates with authority. We give an assignment a depth of screening that picks up on small but critical details; making sure a candidate is the perfect long-term fit.

Providing business-critical Science & Technology talent

Data Science & Analytics

Data drives business and, in the 21st century, the Data Scientist is the rock star of the technology world. We source the people who enable and optimize the technologies that make data possible                 

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence jobs have seen a huge rise in demand and we dedicate significant resources into finding the best talent with this skillset

Robotics & Autonomous Systems

We have the experience, the knowledge, the right network and the required drive to locate and help you recruit hard-to-find candidates in the area of Robotics and Autonomous Systems       

Internet of Things

IoT technology solutions have widespread uses across multiple sectors including; Connected Car/Auto Tech, Industrial IoT, Connected Home and Smart Energy

Blockchain Technology

Connecting our clients with Blockchain specialists who love what they do, such as Blockchain Engineers, Blockchain Architects and Blockchain Consultants


Being in a digital and interconnected world, Cybersecurity is a key topic for companies concerned with the protection of data, systems and people

Technology Recruitment Specialists - Nine Dots Digital - Permanent Recruitment

Assured Delivery

We take on assignments on a 30-day exclusive basis for critical permanent hires at the manager/lead individual contributor level. The fee is success-based and set at 18% of first year’s cash compensation, including 6m replacement guarantee.

Technology Recruitment Specialists - Nine Dots Digital - Subscription Recruitment


With an incentive for long-term hires, the subscription model is all about retention and spreads recruitment costs evenly over 20 months, at just 1% of the new hire’s salary per month. If the successful candidate leaves your company before 20m are up, subscription payment ends there and then.

Technology Recruitment Specialists - Nine Dots Digital - Executive Search


For C-level assignments, we work on a retained basis. Clients meet step-up candidates with great potential as well as proven performers who’ve “been there, done that.” We provide complete references and retained searches include a full, one-year replacement guarantee.

  • “Thank you very much for all your help in securing my new role. It’s been really great working with Ivica”

    SW Engineer
  • “They listen and precisely tailor the search to you needs, not a one size fits all approach…definitely recommend”

    TA Manager
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